For patients who interrupt viramune xr dosing for more than 7 days and for whom restarting nevirapine therapy is not contraindicated, restart the recommended lead-in dosing with immediate-release viramune using one 200 mg tablet daily 150 mg m 2 day in pediatric patients for the first 14 days see warnings and precautions .

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also, a number of regimens are now no longer recommended for first-line therapy zidovudine azt, retrovir , nevirapine viramune , unboosted atazanavir, ritonavir-boosted fosamprenavir lexiva norvir or saquinavir invirase norvir , and maraviroc selzentry .

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neocip fc neocip m neodrox neophos netspan nevimune nevirapine – warning life-threatening including fatal hepatotoxicity and skinreactions hepatotoxicity severe, life-threatening,and in some cases fatal hepatotoxicity, particularly in the first18 weeks, has been reported in patients treated with viramune.

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