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tulasi is native throughout the old world tropics and now widespread as a cultivated plant and an escaped weed.

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amalaki nature s prime antioxidant lasuna the cardiovascular guardian tagara relaxes mind, promotes sleep arjuna comprehensive control of hypertension manjishtha effective in skin pigmentation disorders trikatu digestive par excellence ashvagandha calmes nerves, revives mind and body meshashringi invaluable for diabetics triphala the prokinetic cleanser bael efficient management of intestinal infections neem the derma specialist tulasi ensures rapid control of urti brahmi the cerebral herb punarnava comprehensive control of uti vasaka effective respiratory care gokshura revives libido, intensifies performance shallaki the key to healthy joints vrikshamla for successful weight control guduchi strengthens anti-infective response shatavari promotes lactation yashtimadhu for holistic management of acid peptic disease haridra the versatile cytoprotective in chronic diseases shigru alleviates joint inflammation kapikachhu elevates sperm count shuddha guggulu the effective lipid regulator karela secure glycemic control from nature sunthi dependable anti-nausea therapy .

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tulasi is used to support normal respiratory function, promote optimal health and longevity.


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